The Art of Stress to Energy...

Mindful Awareness--practice this anywhere, in the office, the car, the kitchen.....

Stress is a natural reaction. It's designed to help us save ourselves. It's Nature's call to action.

It can fire us up, give us the energy, power, strength, and speed to perform. 

Life today, however, generates a lot of inappropriate, even chronic, stress. 

This is not helpful.

 It has a corrosive effect on our minds and bodies, and our lives.

There will always be circumstances in life about which we can do nothing.

But, but, but, we can, we really can, always do something about how we respond to those circumstances.

When we react to an alarming event, our bodies go tense. They prepare to fight or to flee, and in some cases the tension can be so severe that a person can even freeze. 

When we have a few experiences like this, and we can become conditioned to this state of readiness, only there's nothing to fight, nowhere to flee, but the state of alert readiness remains. 

Tension remains. The stress of fighting or fleeing is still there. We become accustomed to the state of ready alertness even when it isn't needed.

That's conditioning. It becomes a part of us, a part of who we are.

We become accustomed to the state. When we become conditioned, we don't realize how stressed, tense, uptight we are. 

But our bodies do. 

The muscles are tense, the lungs are congested, the heart races, breathing becomes shallow and rapid, our posture is hauled out of alignment. This constant state of readiness becomes habitual. It's a physical experience. It's like being on the starting line for a race. No person can hold that state, generate that energy, without cease. So, we get physically tired, mentally worn down, emotionally exhausted.

This tiredness becomes chronic. It makes normal living difficult.

 Even everyday activities become tiresome. Soon the physical tiredness becomes mental tiredness as the very thought of having to do the normal things looms up like a mighty problem.

The next step is to become overwhelmed. and that's when the mind and the body can collapse.  

It happens every day. We call it burnout.

So, what can we do? 

We can do a lot. 

We can learn to recondition the state we're in, alter our reaction to stressful circumstances, and train, teach and recondition our minds and bodies into a totally different way of being.

The system in this course has shown thousands how to do this.

Retraining ourselves to be more at ease in the world, more calmly alert, quiet in body, clear in mind, is a skill that has saved many from the rigours of stress, tension, anxiety.

People have rekindled interest in their lives, rediscovered how to explore their potential, to think in terms of what's possible.

That's a skill in itself, to be able to put yourself into that frame of mind. 

And you can learn it, to-day.

That's what learning the skill and the art of Mindful Awareness is about; 

Making the most of personal resources, 

      Developing latent abilities, 

           Resurrecting hidden talents.

In celebration of over 50 years full-time in the Wellness Industry, the Introduction to Mindful Awareness Program is now available online.

Not only that, but as a Special Incentive to all those  who haven't been able to avail themselves of it before, it's on offer at the very special welcoming rate as you see below... 

This is a complete system in which you will learn: 

How to Relax.

Still the Mind.


Improve the Quality of Sleep

Refresh Attention

Improve Focus

Clarify Thinking

Improve Digestion

Be At Ease in Your Life.

 ...A true gift, to yourself, 

or someone you love.

The program is normally priced at €139.00... save €50.00...

currently available at €89.00 to all readers and followers. 

This is a course with a beginning, a middle, and an end goal; that being the purpose of bringing you to the realization that you can bring pace and peace into your life, that you can decide how to feel in circumstances which otherwise dictate how you think and how you feel.

The First Lesson is about understanding what stress is, how it can affect us and what to do about it, with a complete introduction audio on the Relaxation Process.

The audio in this lesson alone has brought calm and ease into the lives of many thousands over the years.

The Second Lesson is the next step in developing Mindful Awareness in the Art of Relaxation. It's a system for practice that can be done anywhere, at any time of day, or night.

The Third Lesson is the Masterclass in practicing Meditative Calm...the system with which calm tranquility can be learned, practiced and applied for the benefit of anyone's life.

The Fourth Lesson is about how you can learn to integrate this life-transforming system into a strong, positive, force in your life. This is what gives your practice personal value, above and beyond what many had expected. 

WARNING: there are worksheets for you to complete and submit, so you will need to practise the skills as they are presented. 

No practice;no progress.

Order from this page.

Course Syllabus

Mindful Awareness and How to Use It.

Achieving a clarity of mind, finding purpose, and a way of thinking and feeling, for healthy, productive, living.
"David is an excellent all-round trainer and coach. He provided me with a detailed hand tailored course that suited my work and leisure needs. He called to the workplace to identify the stress elements of my business and set to work with a detailed plan of action which he carried out diligently and without let up. 'His work surpasses any other fitness coach or trainer I have ever used..... treats both the mind and body...... system is easy to use. I would have no hesitation in recommending it ....." Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative — Mr. H.F.Dublin 12., Business Owner
Thank you, David, so much for the course. It has made a huge difference to my life and performance . Very kind Regards. — Mr. E. C. , Dublin Business Owner
Hi David, 23/01/18 Just wanted to drop you note and let you know the results I have received from sharing your relaxation exercises. I have been doing your course through work, for several weeks and have found it extremely helpful in helping me unwind. I am the mother of 3 children, and one of my daughters suffers with anxiety, and at the young age of 12 would not be a stranger to an anxiety attack. I have tried everything to try resolve this for my daughter, even to the point of her school enrolling her in an counselling programme, but to no avail. After putting her to bed one evening, she had a little anxiety attack, I am lucky enough to have some of your work downloaded on to my phone, so settled her down with the phone and a set of headphones. She listened to 10 minutes of the relaxation which involves tensing every part of your body from the bottom up, she was asleep within 20 minutes, I couldn’t believe it. She has since gone on to learn the breathing and stretching exercises and listens to your relaxation any evening she is feeling slightly anxious. The difference this has made is enormous, she has gone from a child who would go to bed at 9pm and still be awake at 12pm and awake again by possibly 5:00am, to a child who struggles to stay up past 8:30pm is asleep by 9pm and is awake from 6:30am, relaxed and ready to take on the day, her anxiety has not completely disappeared, but she has learned to have some control over it. I don’t think I could explain the impact your work has made in my life. Thank you for everything David. Kind regards Mrs. L. A. — young Mother of Three Children, Home Maker
I want to let you know you don’t have to go to the UK, USA, or Lanzarote to find a ‘Breathing Guru’, or master teacher; we’ve got our own right here in Dublin. This man has been showing people how to improve their health for over 50 years. He deals with accomplished athletes, people in recovery from serious illness, 18-year olds, 85-year olds, people who feel stressed, tired, run down, out of form, and overweight. My own experience has been one of improved focus, more energy, and a calmer pace in my daily life, along with a comfortable adjustment of weight. He’s 76 years young, is more active and busy than ever, and you can get his details on Sincerely, B.McG. — Mr.B.McG, Co. Director

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