Introductory Practical Yogametrics(R)

Over 50? Extra Weight? Out of Shape? 

Not into packed gyms, screaming instructors, relentless, thumping, blaring music? 

You can Trim Down, Tone Up, Increase Energy, Revitalize Your Life...Simply, Naturally, Permanently, 

in the comfort of your home, office, car, kitchen, by learning these Principles ............. 

 Dynamic Health-Practical Yogametrics® 

There is the notion that the only way to get fit and well is to spend endless hours in the gym, or pound the pavement, or to be ultra-competitive in the sport arena.

And they are, they really are, great things to do.

But, Fitness and Wellness are our natural states. 

They exist within us. 

Sometimes they just need reawakening.

While gym workouts, running the streets at six am , pumping through a spinning class, are great things to do, they may not be for you. 

Maybe you're pressed for time, in need of a system that can slot into your days and let you get on with your life.

Did you know that some of the most important exercises, movements, principles, are missing from a lot of the fitness programs ?

These fundamental principles can change the level of your fitness, your well-being, your ability to manage your weight and enjoy a whole new life of energy, wellness and boundless vitality.

 At any time, at any age, in any life.

For over 50 years, David Hegarty has been showing people how to become fit, trim down, tone up and get more from their lives than they ever imagined they could.

Complete beginners have had a whole new lives opened up to them. 

Accomplished athletes have used the principles of Practical Yogametrics(R) to enhance their regimes and improve performance.

The beauty of this Principle is that it's timeless. 

All you need is the desire to improve, the ability to listen and learn, and the willingness to put what you learn into practice.

Your physiological response does the rest.


Effective strategies for successful living...

Practical Yogametrics(R)...

Join the Club...

Your own personal program for ...


     Physical Health

             Mental Health

                       Emotional Health

In personal life, and business life, we are the instruments of our own performance.

How well that instrument performs, is largely in our own hands.

Life isn't so much about what happens to us, as it is how we deal with what happens to us, and how we create opportunities for better things to happen.

We can exert a huge influence on how we respond to anything.

This practice is designed to help you get more from life and from yourself, with less wear and tear, and to help you on the road to health, wellness and happiness.

If you're tired of sporadic starts and stops, erratic systems, conflicting information, and you'd like a constant and accessible way of doing things, this could be just the thing for you.

You can learn how to achieve Dynamic Health, through
Practical Yogametrics®, a combination of 

Ancient Disciplines and 

Modern Scientific Systems

You will learn how to:

*  Harness the Mind/Body                  Force
*  Use the system anywhere
*  To
ne the abdominal muscles
*   Increase internal fitness
*   Get rid of body fat
*   Improve circulation
Have more energy
*   Still the mind
*   Create positive emotion in              life
*   Clarify your life's purpose
*   Get in really great shape for          once and forever

You will also have free membership to the 

Institute of Dynamic Health

for a period of twelve months.

Proven Systems

These systems have been proven over the years by thousands of real people.
These methods work from the inside out, using the power and the force of Nature to help you get dramatic and lasting results.
It's all laid out in simple, easy-to-follow steps, so you know what to do, and how to do it.

Personal Mentoring

This system is here for YOU, in the form of personal contact with living, breathing humans. 

It's what has made the Dynamic Health-Practical Yogametrics® so well-respected and talked about; we never lose sight of the fact that we're people, dealing with people.

That's why people are talking about this program; it's got the personal commitment and ability to connect with all participants.

Regarded as THE worthwhile Program...... for Busy People

You can practice anywhere; in the kitchen, the office, the car, and any other place you can think of.


That's why it's so effective. You integrate it into your days and just get on with your life, no special gear, no set times, you're independent of the usual restrictions on practice.

Always There for You...

No more tedious traffic jams as you crawl to the gym. 

No more queuing for equipment or showers. 

No more losing ten or more hours a week in fruitless travelling, disjointed workouts, 

missed training appointments.

Use your precious time to your own advantage, put it to real, purposeful and lasting use.

The program is so designed to bring your awareness, and the skill of mindful living into play.

The Ideal Starting Point...
This program assumes nothing.
You will start at a point from which you quickly get into the practicality and thus benefit from what you learn. The course has a beginning, a middle and an end. You will move from step to step in an orderly, systematic way.

This is the initial program that makes everything else work well.

If you've never trained before, this program teaches you how to use the miraculous resources available to everyone.

Those who are already into training, find their workouts enhanced, more efficient, and more effective.

Course Synopsis

               For Life
                      Business Performance.

Fit for Life/ Fit for Business.   A healthy mind in a healthy body…. the fundamental principle for health …posture and breathing…. essential for life and business…. in practical application. 

This section alone has been regarded by many as a transformational program in itself....
Effective Muscle Toning

the muscular system to work, develop, and condition itself spontaneously.
 Stretch and toning moves to release muscular tension, open the channels of energy, tone the body. These toning moves have been designed to complement the first lesson. The two then integrate to unify mind and body.
 Harnessing Stress/Creating energy
Mind affecting body…. Body affecting Mind…. Protect the  Area of Primary Control……. 

Conditioning….Stimulus. Pause. Response. 

This trains people how to RESPOND effectively, rather than just react to situations.
This deals with being mindful, aware, and how we can use it in any area of our lives. This aspect runs through the entire programme. It has been particularly useful in the arena of business.
Consolidating the steps: 
Revision on the previous steps, establishing them as part of our lives.
Putting the System to Work  

Teaching the Mind to train the Body….
  Integrating the system into your daily living for a healthy positive active Life.
 Using your own Resources…. practice for efficiency and performance….
This means using your personal resources in identifying your aims, planning and implementing, and using your strategies to get them done.

*  You'll have your own personal programme.
*  You'll have a digital copy of the book, 'Dynamic Health-       Mindful Awareness', for reference and revision.
*  Your lessons have video and audio tracks to highlight          important points.
* As a member, you have a FREE review with myself, on       each unit, by phone or skype. These need to be taken as   directed  for the course concerned.
* Successful conclusion of the program will earn a                 Certificate of Completion.

 Institute of Dynamic Health.

What The Papers Say; 
Sunday Independent 

‘….The secret of good health is so much simpler than you think...
Hegarty’s no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air….
no mystery to good health….
people tell him they never thought it could be so simple…..
no gimmicks……plain-speaking advice……
anyone who follows will see a difference, ………guaranteed.’

“ A lot of people come and go in the fitness industry, it’s relatively new. 
But someone who has stuck with it, is now more enthusiastic than he was over 30 years ago, is Dave Hegarty. 
That’s just one of the reasons I admire him.
He’s a purist, as well as being one of the longest established. 
He knows what it’s all about and conducts his business with integrity.
Hegarty is what the fitness industry is all about.

“…how it’s possible to enhance well-being by making such simple changes. 
The  programme for mind and body………….”
Catherine Dowling; 
founder member and spokesperson of the
Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Association

 enlightening….very practical….writing style is easy to read …..does provide the most sensible programme  for mind and body I’ve come across."
Liam Griffin,

 Nationally Recognised Hotelier, Inspirational Speaker, renowned for his no-nonsense approach, and for unflagging support for genuine effort in any useful endeavour, managed the Wexford Senior Hurling team to All Ireland victory in 1996.
“David Hegarty shows his knowledge and experience....... 
Here he concentrates from start to finish on all the key foundations to any fitness regime, 
Posture, Breathing, Relaxation and Diet.
.......... full of common sense
In the end that’s what fitness is all about.’’            Liam Griffin January 
Daily Star    Ciara Cremin.

 “ full of sense….so easy it doesn’t even feel like a chore… …. 
to keep you fit and healthy and most importantly, give you increased energy…
takes a very different approach.”

What CLIENTS say

Mr. Michael Doorly, Operations Director, Irish Independent.

Although relatively fit and healthy,
 I just couldn’t tone my upper body or get rid of the belly…… 
I was sceptical at first, it wasn’t long before I was developing new habits in posture, breathing, exercise and diet……
Not only that, but my cholesterol dropped dramatically, is now well below average. Another problem solved!…..
recommend Dave to anyone
Mr. Michael Dempsey, Managing Director, Bristol Myers Squibb.

'Dave, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the fantastic programme you delivered to the company………………
everybody gained something from it………… very positive………….
looking forward to doing one again.'
Mr. B. McG. Dunshaughlin.

 “.. course changed my whole way of thinking….
sleep infinitely superior..
dealing with people, finding it easier to communicate…..
work, a huge difference, mind more focused…..
mind feels refreshed and I’m able to accomplish far more…..
can’t thank you enough”

 Mr. C.H. Naas, Co. Kildare.

 “The energy levels have changed my life, and the weight loss was terrific.”

 Mr. J. H. …. Co. Director. Dublin 2.

“.. things I really like…. exercise muscle groups….
all in ten minutes every second day….
any where…without any equipment… 
feeling healthier…lost ten pounds in as many weeks.. 
surpassed all my hopes… a revelation….
power of proper breathing techniques. Lowering of stress...
increase in energy levels………………………………….. recommended you wholeheartedly to other business people………… 
most effective exercise I have undertaken in 30 years”
From [Bank of Ireland Finance]
Stress to Energy Course
‘…. really brilliant. It was simple and straightforward. ‘…….
‘walked out of the class with a lot of energy.’
 ‘Really enjoyed last nights stress-management course……. pleasantly surprised (and relieved) that it was a more practical course that concentrated on key relaxation.’
Des O’Mahony, Managing Director,

When Dave first outlined his approach, I must admit I was initially sceptical. But the strong and clear belief that he showed in his methods was infectious from the very first session, and I haven't looked back. More than anything else, its obvious that Dave listens and therefore can construct an approach wholly suited to you personally. I would never have believed that I would achieve my aims so quickly, so easily, and so enjoyably. In just a few months, not only do I feel physically better than ever, but I feel stronger, more positive and more capable inside
and far better equipped to face the challenges of a busy working life.
True Stories, Real People...…
A while ago, I met a gent’ who was concerned about his health, and how he felt.

He was just over 17 stone, had difficulty walking, was afflicted by pain, and breathlessness.
So he wasn't enjoying life.
We met, and agreed on a program to be put in place.

Three months later, he’s two and a half stone lighter, walking 3 kilometres a day, has a body fat of 22, a visceral fat of 13, and the metabolism of a man 15 years younger than his chronological age.

Gerry says,
'You take a decision, make a plan, and get on with it. '
 And very soon, I’m going out to play my first game of golf in a long, long time.
Before doing this, I couldn’t even have thought about it.’
‘So, no, this wasn’t hard.'

Well said, Gerry, and Amen to that.

How to be Fit, Healthy and Well……for Once and forever…


Being well is a skill, a development of mind and body

Like any skill, it’s got its fundamentals. And they can be learned by anyone.

Once the fundamentals are learned, you practise them.

‘Practice makes perfect’, is an old cliché, but it’s nonetheless true for that. When you practice the fitness principles, you get good at them. And then better.

Just as you would if you played piano, rode a horse, or drove a car. After a while, you don’t have to think of WHAT you’re doing, which allows you concentrate on HOW you’re doing it.

That’s what makes the difference to the results you get.

So, the first aim is to learn what to do, then how, then you do it.

You make minor alterations, small improvements, little switches.

And they all add up to a huge difference.

It’s good mental discipline, a mental exercise. And that’s how it works, as a neuro-muscular skill.

The focusing on the positive activity in search of a positive outcome, creates a positive state of expectancy.


This has the happy effect of spilling over into daily life, improving posture, breathing patterns, and the necessary sense of purpose for day -to -day living.

This has a positive effect, on the mind, the body, the nervous system.

It enhances life immeasurably.

It will trim you down, tone you up, and resurrect energy you never knew you had.

So, learn it well, and PRACTICE.

Life is a series of decisions.

The next one you make may well be one of the most important decisions you’ve taken in years.

Ring, text, or Email, get in touch with me now, from where this system has been successfully applied for over 50 years.

Dave Hegarty 087-2321128.

Early Registration...

If you feel that this could be of use to you in your life, contact me on 087 2321128 or email

Course Syllabus

The First Step...Set Your Goals and Direction...

Your first vital step... Applying the course for your own needs and benefits... This is the foundation of your program... Complete this step before you go to the next...

The Most Important Exercise You'll Ever Do...

This is where you learn how to get your body working FOR you, all the time. study this unit in detail. When you've read it, put it into practice. Read the text and hear the soundbites. Then study the text again. When you feel you're getting into the rhythm of the practice, go to the quiz, and answer the questions and write your impression of your technique, or send a video of your performance.

Toning, Conditioning,Training Your Body...

Creating a toned body, working individual body parts, then co-ordinating them to work together for fluency, power, and easy fitness.

Embracing Movement...

Training The Mind to Teach The Body...

Developing the Relaxation Response...

this is where you begin to learn how you can teach the body to affect the mind... a proven and effective system...
It's a simple process", says Tom, " You decide, then you act, keep repeating it, and get it evaluated. Do this and you'll find it impossible not to get a result" — Tom Shanahan, Business Owner
Although relatively fit and healthy, I just couldn’t tone my upper body or get rid of the belly…… I was sceptical at first, it wasn’t long before I was developing new habits in posture, breathing, exercise and diet…… Not only that, but my cholesterol dropped dramatically, is now well below average. Another problem solved!…..recommend Dave to anyone — Michael Doorly, Operations Director
At sixty two, I weighed in at 19 stone, 2 lbs. ...had the metabolism of a man 15 years older than me. Physiologically, I was 77. Energy sagged, concentration faded, life was getting to be a bit of a chore. The thought of murderous workouts, starvation diets, screaming instructors, blaring music in barn-like gyms, left me cold. I just wanted to tone up, get a good healthy body-weight, and feel well. I met a man who said I could do this at home, no drama, no fuss, learn the skill, get on with it. This method works, quickly, deeply and naturally. A feature is the mind-body connection. I'm 4 stone lighter, with a healthy body-fat count, and the metabolism of a man fifteen years my junior. Energy abounds,concentration flourishes, physically and mentally, my life has transformed. (letter on file). — Mr. D. C., Company Director
FROM ONE OF OUR LADIES...... ' I needed a second knee replacement and was practically housebound.....I WAS REFUSED SURGERY until I had lost FIVE AND A HALF STONE......nearly impossible when you can hardly walk......I cried for two days...' ​SOLUTION:' books from the library...yours stood out...simple, practical, straightforward advice was refreshing...fitter and healthier now than I have been in 30 years! became my has been so helpful..... FIVE MONTHS later and SIX STONE LIGHTER, I have just got my date for surgery.......simple, practical advice was refreshing...... SEQUEL:.....Had my knee replacement...All went well...while in hospital I kept remembering your advice....very helpful to relieve stress, ease pain and to relax........can't wait to get back swimming and walking....Thank you for all your advice and input... — Ms. R.M. A happy lady, Letter on File.
This is the real business...reduced 32lbs., dropped two sizes in suits...working twice as well with half the effort. — Mr. G. C. (letter on file), Company Director

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